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Making Sense of Information Overload

We are a generation faced with a problem never-before faced by our parents, grandparents, and ancestors. We have too many options. Yes, this sounds trivial in comparison with the issues plaguing the world at large, but let me explain why this IS a pressing matter.

Our world is no longer simplistic, over the course of a single day, we are bombarded with a series of products, ads, topics, news, social media, the list goes on and on. If you’re like me, you find it easier to shut it all out, but this leads to an even greater problem: a deficiency of pure interests and inspiration. Growing up, I was drawn to the allure of film and the arts, keeping up with the latest movies and delving into books which captured the rich history of art. While it was never my intention to let my interest in these topics waver, with the passing of each year the number of movies produced grew exponentially – often sacrificing quality – and the nature of art shifted from archaic beauty and traditional form to an outlet for social commentary. Today, at 21 years old, I find myself lost, being pulled in every which way, but holding no true connections or passions.

This is what I will attempt to change over the course of this blog. I shall consider it an exploration of the vast unknown like the great explorers and conquistadors of the 15th century, and I shall lay my claim on these topics and enrich my life.

Food – well, more like Pizza!

You remember being a kid and being forced to answer what your favorite kind of food was? I don’t know about you, but I could never identify my favorite. What I didn’t realize then was that I needed to venture out and become acquainted with more than what Pizza Hut and Dominos has to offer. If, like me, you consider yourself a pizza sommelier, you sort the many pizza offerings into three main categories: super thick crust – basically all your pan crust pies, thick crust – all other crusty variations, and finally, thin crust – I include flatbread variations here as well. While I am typically a fan of crust (you know, the more the better), my enjoyment of thin crust has recently grown exponentially.

My love for pizza began in 2008 when my family owned and operated a small pizza franchise. I fell in love with the rich variety the food group has to offer, and enjoyed creating my very own pizza concoctions. I experienced great withdraws from the freedom of pizza creation when my parents sold the restaurant, until this past summer when I discovered Pieology – “the study of custom pizza”. The food industry has entered the era of customization. Look around, and you’ll see the Chipotle, Subway, self-serve frozen yogurt, Five Guys, and Pieology-ization of the market, and people love it!


My Pieology creation (left) and my boyfriend’s (right) in Irvine, CA

For just $8, you can create your dream pizza with as many or as little toppings as you’d like making this an offer you just can’t refuse. It was like being a kid in a candy shop, ready to once again have a go at synthesizing my perfect pie. I started with a blend of pesto and red sauce as the base with mozzarella and feta cheeses. For toppings I veggied it up with spinach, red onion, basil, pineapple, and cherry tomato, and a little pepperoni for meat. Just one bite later, and I was hooked! Pieology certainly takes the pie in the realm of food customization, but they aren’t the only ones taking advantage of this delicious niché. In the quest for more pizza, I grabbed my boyfriend and drove to Hillcrest, one of the hip districts of San Diego, which is home to many good-eats including Project Pie. This popIMG_20150509_211428229ular pizza spot mirrors Pieology in many ways offering an extensive list of toppings and options all for just $8. With my Project Pie creation being just as amazing as Pieology, I had to call a tie, however Project Pie has one clear advantage. This establishment offers self-serve organic Boylyn Sodas, and let me tell you they are the perfect compliment to your custom pie! A smaller-scale competitor in the customizable-pizza market is found just north of San Diego county in Temecula. From the I-15 you’ll see Garage Brewing Co., an eatery specializing in your custom pizza and craft beer needs all-in-one.

Okay, so I like pizza a little bit…

Which leads me to digress to the introduction of this blog. The world we live in today has many, many options just like deciding where to get your pizza fix. Instead of being overwhelmed by these options, it is my quest to continue to try new things – food and projects alike – and document my experiences in a fun, analytical, and at times snarky way. Stay tuned for more at Lindsay’s Corner!


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