Beauty in Unexpected Places

This is a shorter blog post than usual – you can say that I was all sweeted out this week! Yesterday was another hectic day, and as a twenty-something, this is pretty typical. Balancing work, class assignments, and adulting (taxes, car registration, scheduling doctors appointments, oh my!) gets to be a bit overwhelming – I know it started to wear me out yesterday until I saw a little something which brightened my day.

I was sitting at home finishing up an assignment when something outside my window caught my eye. Sitting along the fence of my apartment’s patio, there are several potted cacti. Their existence has been pretty uneventful – I walk past them every day without paying any notice – after all, a cactus isn’t a particularly beautiful plant. Yesterday was different. Sitting there, staring outside the window, I saw the backside of what appeared to be an exotic, blossoming flower. I walked outside, and this is what I found…


Seeing this work of nature truly centered me, which was exactly what I needed in that moment. Spring is the time for renewal, for rebuilding and getting back in touch with what matters. Surrounding myself with nature’s beauty is another interest of mine which I have been working to foster. Going on small hikes, walking on the beach, stopping to smell the roses, I assure that you won’t regret it.

Enjoy beauty all around, especially from unexpected places!

– Lindsay ♥


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